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It's a bit of an honour to be asked to become Deaflink's first blogger. I only hope I can live up to their expectations by being witty, interesting, challenging and, importantly as a blogger, not running out of things to blog about!

However, for those occasions when I do run out of things to say (my own life can sometimes be a bit mundane), as a Twitter fanatic, I know that I can always find something on there to give me inspiration. For example, in the past week, there's been news about the Apple corporation planning to develop hearing aids that will link to their products, concerns about the funding for deaf paralympians, and issues raised by NDCS about the safeguarding of deaf children. And in the news, today I've learned that Tony Jacklin has been confirmed as the Patron of English Deaf Golf Association, a Newcastle schoolgirl has been nominated for a Signature award and a Deaf woman from Newcastle (some of you may know Tessa Padden) has been teaching sign language in Iran. It’s a small world; especially on Twitter.

Seriously though, as someone who is trying to hold down a full-time job, whilst coping with increasing hearing loss, I do hope that sharing my view of the world and my experiences will be helpful to others, and also that it's informative. If its not, you need to let me know as I'm also hoping that in the future, we can make this blog an interactive space. I do think that this shouldn't be just a one-way street and that it would be useful to find out what the important things are for you so that Deaflink is aware and can represent your views.

Until next time....

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 Newcastle City Council Social Care Direct - Adult social care services for deaf, hard of hearing, blind, partially sighted, deafblind people. Click here for more information.

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Once the assessment is complete, equipment can be offered free of charge and is not means tested.  Once equipment has been provided subsequent equipment would need to be self-funded. There is a website to support the identification of equipment and clients should visit

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