Sometimes the goverment or agencies make changes that unfairly affects members of our communities.  Or we notice that people are experiencing the same sort of problems - like accessing interpreters.  We use this knowledge and information to help bring about real change by campaigning. This can involve:

  • going on a march
  • completing and collating evidence that inform about the issues
  • hold public meetings
  • identifying and raising issues in the relevant forums
  • training staff and volunteers in spotting particular issues
  • communicate with the decision makers - meetings or letters
  • conducting research and writing reports on local issues
  • media campaigning and liaising with other projects and agencies to provide united front.

If you are interested in helping us, or have an issue you want us to know about, then please contact us.

In October a few of us attended the Hardest Hit March in town. The benefit cuts are going to have a massive impact upon people with disabilities and this was our chance to protest.

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For the latest campaign then please follow this link (click here)

Useful links

 Newcastle City Council Social Care Direct - Adult social care services for deaf, hard of hearing, blind, partially sighted, deafblind people. Click here for more information.

If anyone Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing living in Newcastle is struggling they can arrange a needs assessment by contacting Social Care Direct on 0191 2788377 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Once the assessment is complete, equipment can be offered free of charge and is not means tested.  Once equipment has been provided subsequent equipment would need to be self-funded. There is a website to support the identification of equipment and clients should visit

Another Council Services can be found on this link

See our Safeguarding Adults BSL/Subtitled videos for different types of abuse and how to report - Click here

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