Deaf Forum: BSL Interpreter Awareness May 2017

Anchor Missed our last Week Deaf Forum with 'BSL Interpreter Awareness'?  

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Thanks to all Deaf, Deafblind, Hard-of-Hearing and Hearing people for came to our Deaf Forum and for their permission for our video :)

As part of Deaf Awareness Week, we Deaflink delivered a talk on 'BSL Interpreter Awareness - what is right and what is wrong?'

Below are the BSL Videos of both halves of the Deaf Forum and our presentation.

Sorry no transcript as no speech-to-text reporter was available.

Important videos and look out for an annoucement of our new worker in one of the videos!

BSL Video - 1st Half of Deaf Forum

BSL Video - 2nd Half of Deaf Forum

Deaf Forum presentation

Click here for PDF Presentation

Many thanks to everyone who came! :)

James Clarke's Ushers and 100 Running Medals Deaf Forum March 2017

James Clarke Deaf Forum photo

(Permission received from everyone for this photo)

As part of BSL Week,Deaflink invited James Clarke from London, to talk to us about his life - his Ushers Syndrome and 100 Running Medals achievement! Many thanks to James for his time, informative/visual presentation and answered some of our audience members' questions!

Below are the BSL Videos of both halves of the Deaf Forum, Deaf Forum Update presentation from Joanne Fortune, part of James' presentation, a transcript in English and link to James' Facebook page

BSL Video - 1st Half of Deaf Forum

BSL Video - 2nd Half of Deaf Forum

Deaf Forum Update presentation from Joanne Fortune

click here for PDF Update presentation

James' presentation (with his permission)

Click here for James' PDF presentation


Click here for Transcript

Many thanks to everyone who came! :)

Deaf Social Worker + PALS Deaf Forum Jan 2017

Deaflink invited Claire Hoggeth, Deaf Social Worker and Catherine Lee from PALS to our Deaf Forum on Saturday 21st January 2017 to explain what is 'The Life of Deaf Social Worker and PALS' and followed by Questions and Answers.

Below are the Presentations, BSL video of 'Deaf Social Worker Claire Hoggeth' (Unfortunately due to technical problems PALS BSL video didn't work - see PALS presentation below), a transcript in English and link for contact details for Newcastle, North Tyneside and South Tyneside Social Care Direct.

Click here for 'The Life of a Deaf Social Worker' presentation

Deaf Social worker ppt

BSL Clip of 'The Life of Deaf Social Worker' and Qs/As:

Click here for PALS Presentation

Pals ppt

Click here for Transcript

Contact Details for Social Care Direct:

Click here for Newcastle and North Tyneside Social Care Direct contact details

Contact details for South Tyneside Social Care (South Shields)

**Come along to our next Deaf Forum - click here for more information :)**

PIP Claims - how?

PIP (Personal Independence Payment) Claims

 More D/deaf people have PIP letter now changing from DLA.

Please follow this steps when you receive the first letter:

1. The first letter asked you to ring DWP - you can email DWP with this email address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
In email you say:
Say name, address, age and National Insurance Number of person claiming.
And Ask for form for PIP new claim
Keep check for their reply before the deadline date - ask again if no reply.

2. When you receive the small form, you need to make an appointment:

If you live in
Newcastle, email Newcastle Welfare Rights: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax 0191 277 2622 or phone 0191 277 2633 (Use 18001 prefix if use NGT or Text Relay)
Click here for Electronic Referral Sheet to fill in to send to Newcastle Welfare Rights

If you live in
North Tyneside, email CAB This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or advice line 0344 245 1288 (Use 18001 prefix if use NGT or Text Relay)

Remember you need to tell them you to book your preferred qualified BSL interpreter!

3. When you receive another letter which is 4-pages with assessment appointment date and time -
they don't book a BSL interpreter! 
Quickly go to the 'Translation' part on the last page of the letter and either ask someone to phone the number to book a preferred qualified BSL interpreter which mean will change your assessment date appointment to a new later date or you carry on going to the appointment date and time - but show them you don't understand without BSL interpreter! 

Remember you need to tell them you to book your preferred qualified BSL interpreter!

More information in this process to help you understand what you need to do - Click here
Want to know more information about PIP? Click here by Action on Hearing Loss


Accessible Information Standard

What is Accessible Information Standards?

From 1st August 2016, we have a new law called 'Accessible Information Standards' about commuincation and infomrmation needs for D/deaf, deafblind and Hard-of-Hearing people in Hospitals, GPs, Dentist, Chemist, Walk-in Centre and Adult Social Care etc.

You can find out more below in our presentations, BSL clips, Accessible Information needs sheet and transcript from our last Saturday 17th September Deaf Forum:

BSL Video - Accessible Information Standards Deaf Forum 1st half

Accessible Information Standards Presentation by Heidi Jobling, Deaflink Manager.

 Click here for Accessible Information Standards presentation

Important Accessible Informaiton Needs sheet for everyone to show to receptionist, GP, Hospitals, Dentists, Adult Social Care etc.

 Click here for Accessible Information Needs Sheet

BSL Video - Newcastle Hospitals Video Relay Deaf Forum 2nd Half

Newcastle Hospitals Video Relay Presentation by Lucy Hall and Andy Pike from Newcastle Hospitals

 Click here for Newcastle Hospital Video Relay Presentation


Click here for Transcript

Click here for Video transcript


Deaflink Annual Report 2015-16

Have a look at our Annual Report 2015-16 for our information in the past year and Audism....

Click here for the Annual Report 2015-16 

annual report

Many thanks to everyone who supporting us and Deaflink.

NECA Transport Consultation Questionnaire


The NECA website say:

'We want to help our economy to grow and to make the North East an excellent place to live and work. Our transport networks cross council boundaries in a diverse region, so only by working together will we meet people’s needs and ambitions, wherever they live.'

Mean they want you to answer their survey questions on all transport to help them to plan how to improve our access in the future,  The NECA Transport Manifesto - "Our Journey" document mean NECA want “to provide affordable, attractive, reliable, safe, healthy transport choices for businesses, residents and visitors while enhancing the environment”.

Our Journey - NECA Transport Manifesto.pdf


As the first stage in the process of developing the Manifesto the North East Combined Authority is consulting with people from across the North East on the key themes and principles that will guide what we are trying to achieve in terms of transport. The consultation covers a variety of transport options including walking, cycling, road, rail, air and sea.

To send us your views please follow the link to complete our online survey – or you can request that a hard copy of the consultation document and survey be posted out to you by calling 0191 2771156.

The closing date for responses is Friday 8th April 2016.

Nexus Bus and Metro Talk and Qs & As Deaf Forum Sat 21st Nov 2015

Deaflink invited Claire Tulley and Andrew McGuinness, Community Relations Officers from Nexus to our Deaf Forum on Saturday 21st November 2015 to explain what is 'Nexus' and followed by Questions and Answers.

Below are the Nexus Presentation, BSL video of a BSL interpreter interpreted Nexus talk, BSL video of the Questions & Answers, a transcript in English and Nexus contact details.

Click here for Nexus PDF Presentation

BSL Clip of Nexus first half:

BSL Clip of Nexus second half:

Click here for the Transcript

Nexus Contact Details:

(Text Relay 18001) 0191 202047

Twitter - @My_Metro

Facebook- Tyne and Wear Metro


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NRCPD Talk and Qs&As Deaf Forum 10th October 2015

Deaflink invited Kate Price, Registration Service Manager from NRCPD to our Deaf Forum on Saturday 10th October 2015 to explain what is 'National Registers of Communcation Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind people' and followed by Questions and Answers.

Below are the NRCPD Presentation, BSL video of a BSL interpreter interpreted Kate's NRCPD talk, BSL video of the Questions & Answers, a transcript in English, NRCPD badges and NRCPD contact details.

Click here for NRCPD presentation

BSL Video of BSL interpreter interpreted Kate's NRCPD talk:

BSL Video of the Qs & As:

Click here for the transcript in English


yellow badge blue badge

NRCPD Contact Details: 

NCRPD details

Using Newcastle Hospital? You can check if your preferred interpreter is booked for your appointment see poster below:

Click here for the Newcastle Hospital poster and print

PALS Newcastle Hospital

Using Sunderland Hospital? You can choose your preferred interpreter - see posters below for more information:

Click here for the Sunderland Hospital poster and print             Click here to print the interpreter contact details for Sunderland Hospital
Sunderland Hospital BSL interpreterSunderland BSL interpreter contact

Do you have any problems with your Sunderland Hospital appointment? If yes, please let us Deaflink know or tell Joanne Fortune.

Q&A from Deaf Forum on 30/05/15

On the 30th of May 2015, Deaflink invited Alison Lawson, Regional Director of the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber for National Deaf Children's Society, known as NDCS. At the end of the forum, several people had questions to ask Alison, but due to time constraints, Alison could not answer all of the questions.

But we wanted to ensure that all of questions got answered, so we asked people to email us their questions, which we passed onto to Alison to answer.

Below are the questions and answer in British Sign Language and English.

See you again at our next Deaf Forum on the 10th of October, where we have invited the National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind, known as NRCPD, which regulates communication professionals who work with Deaf and Deafblind people.


Question 1

I work as a CSW, currently at a secondary school, and have always had difficulty with companies/authorities understanding how important a reliable paging system is. My previous student left his employment due to their policy to have a "buddy" escort him to the toilet for health and safety reasons.

The school I am working at had the same policy but I refused to accept that and explained how degrading it is. My student now has a pager. Can NDCS help with all schools/companies?


NDCS feels that any policy like this is discriminatory and would challenge this. However, capacity would not enable us to be talking to every school and company as you can imagine but if a specific issue came to us then it would be challenged.


I am waiting for further information from our Technology Manager and will forward as soon as possible.


Question 2

I have noticed there are number of growing deaf parents of deaf child(ren) in the UK. As they said 90% of deaf children born to hearing parents. What about deaf parents too? This need to be looked at? This will help us to think about what kind of support we deaf parents need as well not just hearing parents.


NDCS does not distinguish between hearing parents or deaf parents. Our services are accessible to all parents and we offer the same helpline and family support to all. There is also a specific deaf parent organisation called


Question 3

Hi, what about support deaf parents with hearing children? because in my experience that no information to support for my daughter are hearing but I am deaf really struggles times.


NDCS is the support organisation for deaf children and while a lot of our events are for families and include siblings who may be hearing, primarily our support is for deaf children. This is outlined in our charity commission document. I would encourage parents to contact our Local Deaf Children’s Societies in the North East – Tyneside DCS and South of Tyne and Wearside DCS whose events often include hearing children of deaf parents. We would recommend as well


Question 4

Accessible information. How much information and research from the NDCS is accessible for BSL users.


For the past 6 months all filmed content for deaf young people has had in-vision BSL added if a contributor is not a BSL user themselves.  In addition, we have a wide range of information content on our YouTube channel for parents that is accessible to BSL users.


Our policy on BSL information content is due to be agreed at the next Information Planning Group meeting.


Question 5

Children behind in Education, I want to know the percentage – what is the statistics – deaf children with deaf parents, or deaf children with hearing parents.


Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get hold of government figures and the only ones we get are deaf children versus hearing children. We would need to work at a local level with all local authorities on their particular data and that would be a very difficult task both for them and us. The other difficulty is that the numbers are very low so you only need one deaf child to not achieve the 5 GCSEs and it completely skews the figures. Local Authorities are often not willing to divulge figures because where there might only be 3 children in a particular year group, those individuals could be identified and that would be against data protection.


Question 6

What is Ofsted looking for when they do reviews? Are deaf people involved in Ofsted review? If not why?

Overall effectiveness

Effectiveness of leadership and management

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

Outcomes for children and learners

The effectiveness of early years and sixth form provision, where applicable

It is usual for Ofsted inspectors to talk to parents when they are carrying out an inspection and this will not change – NDCS will be keeping an eye on how this is carried out, particularly where there are likely to be communication barriers, to ensure that the process is fully inclusive. DfE youtube video(no subtitles unfortunately)

Not all these links are deaf friendly which I am sorry about but gives you a flavour of what can be expected.

Useful links

 Newcastle City Council Social Care Direct - Adult social care services for deaf, hard of hearing, blind, partially sighted, deafblind people. Click here for more information.

If anyone Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing living in Newcastle is struggling they can arrange a needs assessment by contacting Social Care Direct on 0191 2788377 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Once the assessment is complete, equipment can be offered free of charge and is not means tested.  Once equipment has been provided subsequent equipment would need to be self-funded. There is a website to support the identification of equipment and clients should visit

Another Council Services can be found on this link

See our Safeguarding Adults BSL/Subtitled videos for different types of abuse and how to report - Click here

Read our Blogs here

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